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Sell Junk Car in Liberty

Welcome to Car Buyer Houston. We are a team of highly experienced, professional junk car buyers in Liberty, Texas. We deal in the purchase of old and junk cars and trucks. Put your vehicle up for sale and benefit from our competitive purchase prices.

Feel free to speak to us today for more information.

Why sell junk cars to a specialized dealer in Liberty?

So, you have a car that you want to get rid of. Selling it back to the dealership you bought it from doesn’t make any sense. You certainly won’t get good money for it. Just donating it to a junkyard isn’t a good idea, either. After all, even a really old car does have some value.

With an experienced car dealer, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you can always get top dollar for your old, beat-up vehicle.


How Does Cash For Junk Cars in Liberty, Texas Work?

    At Car Buyer Houston, our number one priority is to offer our customers the highest value possible. We will:

    • Offer completely free car evaluations.
    • Provide extremely competitive estimates.
    • Help you make a profit on your junk car.
    • Give you good deals on any other car you’d like to purchase from us.
    • Take over the entire documentation & ownership transfer processes.
    • Provide free towing to our dealership from anywhere in Houston, Texas.

    We deal in cars of all makes, models, and conditions. Whether your vehicle has just hit the five-year mark or it’s a decades-old model, you can be confident to expect a good deal from us.

    Our Houston junk car dealers also accept antiques and classic models. Offload your old treasure to us and get a pretty penny in return. We also accept cars that are not in working condition or which are completely damaged or wreaked. If you feel your car is more trouble than it is worth, just give us a call, and we’ll take it off your hands.

    I had a great experience dealing with Jim from Junk Car Houston. He made the experience very easy. It was still business and there was some back and forth on pricing but with a personal feel. He answered all my questions and arrived even earlier than the set time. I really appreciated that because it didn’t tie up the rest of my afternoon. In 3 words HE PLAYED FAIR… A must for recommendations.


    Darren H.

    Resident of Liberty, Texas

    Junk Car Houston made a very fair offer to buy my car. The process from phone call to pick up and payment was a breeze. I really appreciate that they were on time for the pickup as I had other things to do in the evening. I would recommend them to anyone.


    Peggy S.

    Resident of Liberty, Texas

    Junk Car Houston is the place to call to get a great price with honest and professional service. They always arrive at the time promised for pickup and it’s been a pleasure to interact with them over the years. I have sold them 4 cars over the past ten years and never had a problem. I have recommended them to my family and co-workers.


    Bruce H.

    Resident of Liberty, Texas

    Get instant cash for junk cars at your Liberty, Texas home

    The entire process of selling your old car to us is super simple. Just call us at Car Buyer Houston, and we’ll send a member of our team to your home for a car evaluation. After a thorough inspection, our team will give you a fair estimate of how much you can expect from us.

    At Car Buyer Houston, we have been in the junk car buying & selling business for 11 years. We deal in hundreds of old, used vehicles, and this gives us the edge to offer you extremely good rates for your car. Just ask around, and you’ll see how we are one of the best places in Liberty, Texas, to sell junk cars to.

     We are very particular about customer satisfaction. In fact, that’s most important to us. So, if you’re unhappy with our offer, feel free to negotiate. We are committed to offering you the highest value, and we will take all counteroffers into consideration.

    Once you’re happy with the price we’re offering, just give us the green signal, and we’ll have someone come and pick up your vehicle from your doorstep. We will hand over the cash to you right there on the spot.

    If you wish to schedule the pickup for another time, just let us know. We’ll send our staff over at the discussed date and time and complete the service. We are extremely punctual and professional. You can rely on us for quality service.

    There’s no need for you to visit the office or fill a dozen different documents to complete the sale. We’ll take care of everything.

    Sell my truck to our Liberty, Texas Truck Buyer

    That’s right. At Car Buyer Houston, we are one of the most reputed and experienced junk or old truck buyers in Liberty. We buy all types of trucks, and we can offer you the best prices on your trucks.

    Some of the trucks we deal in are:

    • Semi-trucks
    • Commercial moving trucks
    • Pickup trucks
    • Haulage trucks
    • Garbage removal trucks
    • Box trucks
    • Flatbed trucks
    • Truck trailers
    • Tankers

    …and more.

    Our team of dealers has extensive experience in evaluating trucks for value. They’re more than happy to visit your loading dock, parking lot, or warehouse to do a complete check of your vehicle.

    We buy junk trucks for refurbishment and resale and also salvage. So, instead of putting your vehicle in a junkyard and losing money, sell it to us and recover some of the expenses you’ve incurred because of it. We believe in 100% transparency. So, we’ll explain exactly how we arrived at the value of your used vehicle.

    We serve regions across the greater Houston market. You can reach out to us for extremely quick and efficient service. Just like with our cars, you can get cash for junk trucks immediately upon pick-up. Contact us for more information.

    Buy used trucks and cars from us

    At Car Buyer Houston, we are also proud resellers of old and used cars and trucks. If you want to buy a new vehicle, but have budgetary restraints, visit us. We have cars and trucks of all makes, models, conditions, and budgets. Take a spin and test the vehicle yourself.

    We offer amazing discounts, cashback, and more. Speak to us for details.

    Liberty, Texas